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Walking in the halls of the Treasury by Rachel Maddow licensed Creative Commons Walking the Halls of the Treasury

Uniting Business Lunch at North Sydney

Our Treasury—risks, returns and the need for regular rebalancing

Neil King
Executive Director Uniting Financial Services

What are  the markets saying in terms of risks, returns and rebalancing?

How do I apply similar questions to my faith walk ?


Neil King has over 25 years experience in financial markets across the globe.  Originally South African but now a fierce Wallaby supporter Neil has had opportunities to head Treasury and Investment teams in London, Australia and South Africa while also picking up training and experience in New York and Chicago.  He has managed and advised on investment portfolios in all major currencies including emerging markets such as Russia, Ukraine, Czech, Slovak and others.


Neil believes that all investment decisions have a degree of correlation, as do our faith walk decisions.  These correlations impact us both as community and as individuals.


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